Friday, January 27, 2012

The Snake

Papa brought home a small snake from the airport and we got to identify it.   It smelled pretty bad so I didn't want to dissect it.   It wasn't a poisinous snake because we couldn't see any fangs.   It was blackish on the back but yellow on the belly.   We finnaly identified it as a red-lipped snake and so through it in the garbage.   I wish they had killed the big snake that I had seen a few weeks ago.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Secret Agent Twit

We've been having a sparrow come at our windows and start to tap on the glass.   He woke up Caleb and Lyle many times.   He's not shy at all which is kinda've weird.   Josh said that Twit was his secret agent from the CIA.   It's pretty funny because he comes there mostly every morning.   Sometimes he brings his buddies and then they start chirping like crazy.   I'm not quite sure if he is from the CIA, but maybe the FBI.

The Unexpected Incident

We were going have potatoes and onions and meat in a fire so Lyle, Caleb and me worked on starting on a fire.   It was raining outside so we just made it in the grill.   I had started a little fire going when Lyle thought of a crazzzy idea.   He melted some wax and I lit some paper until it was burning  and then threw into the place where all the wood was.   Lyle then came with some melted wax and poured it on.....   It burned really good so he got some more wax and melted it in a pan.   He poured into the really big fire and....Fwooosssshhh.   The flames came up and he spilled some of the boiling wax on his hand.   Just to let you know this was during Christmas.   What a coincidence.   His hand started to wrinkle where he burned it and it looked kinda've scary.   Lyle says its my turn now but I don't think I'm going to get burned.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our new computer

     During summer 2011 we asked U. Jim if he was going to use a computer that was sitting in the basement.  So he said that it didn't work and that we could use it for parts, and also he told us that if it did work me and Tim could have it for Christmas.  When we got to Lubumbashi we tryed it and it worked so now it is ours:-)><>

Monday, January 23, 2012

Fishing Trip

Lyle, Caleb, Papa, and I went fishing at a pond during Christmas break.   At the beginning I was catching a lot of fish and Lyle was getting jeolous so I told him how to catch a fish.   Well he plopped it in and after a little while the string went in a circle so then I told Lyle to pull.   Flop!  It was a pretty big one.   Me and Papa started laughing and Lyle said"How did you know?"   I replied, "Instinct."   Soon we were catching a lot of fish.   I caught 10 AND THE BIGGEST!   Lyle caught 6 or 5.   Caleb I think caught around eight.   We had those for lunch the next day and they were really good.   Desiree didn't have some because she thought it was too fishy.   We still haven't gotten the tarp for the pond so that is annoying because by the time we get it and get the fish in we won't be able to catch any till another year.
By Timothy
(I (Tim) couldn't get onto my blog so i'm borowing Caleb's)

Staying at home with Papa and Tim

     Right now Mama is going to Kinshasa to do something I forgot.  So it is mostly going to just be me and Tim (I put me in front of Tim on perpous).  Papa is going to be teaching us french, but most of the stuff we're going to do by ourselves.  It's been pretty boring so far:-(>

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tim and my insect collection

     We have been catching many different insects, right now it is kindof insect season and there's tons of dragonflys out every where in the morning.  Most of the ones that we've caught are dragonflys and butter-flys.  we've caught one damsle-fly, it was our first one.  The largest one that we've caught is a butter-fly.